Full day island hopping boat trips around Koh Lipe

Make the most of your stay on Koh Lipe and explore the nearby tropical islands with our island hopping boat trips. We offer 2 programs to different islands with the option of a shared boat or private boat.

Tour Program 1:

Destination: Koh Jabaang, Koh Hin-Ngam, Koh Yang, Koh Rawi, Koh Adang

Price: 550 THB

Duration: 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

  • Itinerary:
  • KOH JABAANG - Beautiful soft corals cover a pinnacle that rises from the bottom (around 16 meters) to just underneath the surface
  • KOH HIN-NGAM - Visit this mysterious Island built out of thousands of smoothly polished black rocks
  • KOH YANG - Great snorkeling from one the smallest beaches in the marine park
  • KOH RAWI - Explore the long white sandy beach of Koh Rawi and relax or snorkel some more
  • KOH ADANG - Relax on the beach, explore the jungle or snorkel right of the beach
  • ** Tour Includes; shared boat, snorkeling mask, fins, lunch drinking water and fruit. Does not include national park fee.
  • ** For a private boat please contact the resort **

Tour Program 2:

Destination: Koh Hin Saun, Monkey Beach, Koh Lok Goi, Koh Dong, Koh Pung (Bee Island) Price: 650 THB

Duration: 9:30 am to 4.30-5:00 pm

  • Itinerary:
  • KOH HIN SORN - The strong rock formations house a wide variety of soft corals and marine life
  • KOH BULU - Beautiful corals and tropical fish all around this small Island
  • KOH LU GOI - Another great spot on the edge of the marine
  • KOH DONG - Enjoy your picnic and watch the monkeys on the beautiful beach
  • KOH PUNG - Great snorkeling and swimming off the beach of honey Island
  • ** Tour Includes; shared boat, mask, snorkeling, fins, life jacket, lunch, fruit and water. Does not include national park fee.